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Scientifica 2018, Day 2

Scientifica 2018, National Public School, Indiranagar’s triennial Science Exhibition was held on 31 October 2018. The day began with a speech by Pranav Arun Bharadwaj, the President of the Science Association, who introduced the day’s events and enlightened the students about the happenings of the Interschool Events which took place the previous day. This was followed by the inauguration of Synergy, Sciensell at Scientifica, an amalgamation of entrepreneurship and science.

Time, the fourth dimension, has always been a matter of wonder and mystery. The students of NPS Indiranagar had dedicated this year’s edition of Scientifica to honour time.

The Students of Classes 10 and 11 had brought the best that science had to offer. Supersized DeScience was the exhibition for all science enthusiasts! From colonising other planets to demonstrations of the Rube-Goldberg Experiments, these megaprojects definitely did not disappoint the audience. Class 9 presented Melange, a conglomeration of science. No event is complete without drama, and ScienFrolica brought to the parents just that! A gallery of fun filled events, which lived up to the motto of the 7th graders, celebrating science, enthralled the audience. In Harry n’ Histrionics, the students of Class 8 presented a wondrous amalgamation of science and magic. One could watch their favourite fictional characters come live on stage and explore the world of intriguing optical phenomena.

The Astronomy group of grades 9, 10 and 11 had also come up with several Astronomy projects, which thoroughly intrigued and captivated the audience. ‘We Matter’ showcased a possible replica of the settlement on the planet ‘Endor’ which could possibly be habitable. With biodomes and hydroponics, it offered an insight into what humanity is in for, in the future.

Synergy, the Sciensell at Scientifica was the newest addition to the plethora of events. Combining their entrepreneurial skills with scientific intellect, the student magnates of class 6 organized a market where they enticed the customers with their products. From soaps to Kaleidoscopes to food stalls, the budding scientists mastered all the fields of scientific marketing. All earnings had been donated to charity.

A wonderfully planned and executed event, Scientifica 2018 was a huge success. Thoroughly enjoyed by the parents and the students alike, it is sure to leave an indelible impression in their memory.

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