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Co-scholastic Programme



Co-scholastic Programme

Co-scholastic Programme

Education and learning is much more than just what takes place in the classroom. NPS Indiranagar provides students with many activities and varied opportunities to develop new skills and experiences beyond academics. NPS is constantly striving to add to the variety of experiences and activities offered to the students. NPS also encourage students to take initiative and add to the list of co-scholastic activities offered in school.

Arts education refers to education in the disciplines of music, dance, theatre, and visual arts. The Arts are a key component in improving learning throughout all academic areas. Studies show that the Arts develop neural systems that benefit fine motor skills, creativity and improved emotional balance.

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A student who expands his artistic sensibility sees the world from a different perspective. According to research, the thinking skills used in making visual art such as experimentation, exploration and imagination become the foundation for higher-level thinking skills such as synthesis, inquiry and research.

Artistic pursuits produce thinking patterns and abilities that transfer to other areas of life. NPS Arts teachers aim to advance student creativity, visual communication skills, artistic technique, and aesthetic sensibility.

Physical Education
PE is an integral part of the school programme at NPS. It gives students the opportunity to build motor skills, coordination, movement, and learn important life lessons such as discipline, persistence, patience, teamwork and cooperation, and stress-management skills.

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Physical activity and fitness is known to benefit both health and academic performance, directly impacting the behavior and development of the brain. From a social standpoint, sports create a sense of community and give students a chance to form closer relationships with their peers.

At NPS, students can choose from a wide variety of sports and physical activity like football, throw-ball, volleyball, basketball, badminton, tennis, table tennis, cricket, yoga, aerobics and athletics.

Life Skills Education

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NPS includes a Life Skills programme as a part of the curriculum. Adolescence is characterized by rapid physiological and psychological changes. As a part of the programme, students learn tools to manage their emotions, become more self-aware, communicate effectively and manage interpersonal relationships.

Newspaper in Education (NIE)
Organized by the Times of India to increase general knowledge and social awareness in children, this programme is lively and enlightening.

The NPS Band has won many laurels and displays its prowess on important occasions such as Independence Day, Republic Day and Sports Day. The members of the school band play a wide array of instruments like the base, side drums, trombones, trumpets, saxophone, euphonium and the flute.

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