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Achievements & Accolades 2023-2024



Achievements & Accolades


A young beacon

Ananya Malde, a grade nine student of National Public School Indiranagar, joined the 1M1B Future Leaders programme, a UN-accredited non-profit initiative that aims at nurturing one million young changemakers. She was shocked to learn about the far-reaching social implications of menstruation when her house-help's younger sister had to quit school from seventh grade due to periods. This prompted Ananya to start Project Pragati in November 2020 to educate and debunk the superstitions surrounding the topic, and support young girls in rural areas by providing period products.

Ananya focussed on her home state Gujarat as her fluency in the regional language would help her to connect better with the rural population. Through NGO partners of 1M1B foundation, Ananya spoke to the sarpanch of three villages and about a hundred school-going girls to gauge their understanding of periods. She saw that teachers shied away from teaching about menstruation while others were not aware of what menstruation really was. So, Ananya designed a comprehensive menstrual health curriculum that included everything from puberty, adolescence to periods and hormonal changes in the female body.

The young changemaker also ran an online fundraiser and collected Rs 5.5 lakh which went towards providing sanitary napkins and getting incinerators installed in schools for pad disposal.

Ananya Malde
Abhimanyu R. Coushik - 1
Abhimanyu R. Coushik - 2
Abhimanyu R. Coushik becomes a published author

Abhimanyu R. Coushik, a student of Grade 7, made us proud by becoming a published author at such a tender age! Abhimanyu's fictional work 'The Humans' has been featured in 'The Fantasy of Life,' an anthology of stories written by child authors, published by Scholastic under the Writers Academy Programme.

Scholastic Writers Academy identifies talented writers across the country and nurtures them through a 10-day mentorship programme where literary experts hone their skills and help them get published. Abhimanyu was selected for this programme. The challenge was to write an original story and get the manuscript ready within ten days. Abhimanyu's hard work and diligence paid off, and his short story impressed his mentors. His story is a fantasy that explores the world inhabited by Neanderthals through the eyes of an eleven-year-old Roku. Abhimanyu's engaging writing style and brilliant description of Roku's encounters with human beings make the story a must-read. Congratulations Abhimanyu!

Silver Award for Parth Bhargav

Times School Survey 2022-23 has been released. We are happy to announce that NPS, Indiranagar has been ranked 2nd in the survey conducted by the premier newspaper organisation, THE TIMES OF INDIA, for CBSE Curriculum.

Parth Bharghav
Dr. Vibhuti Sharma - 1
Dr. Vibhuti Sharma - 2
Achievements of Dr. Vibhuti Sharma

We are happy to share with you the proud achievement of our faculty member at NPS Indiranagar, Dr. Vibhuti Sharma, HOD, Biology Department.

Chinmayee Earns the Silver Award at the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2021

Chinmayee Sandeep of Grade 10 made us proud by winning the Silver Award in the Senior Category at the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2021. The competition, organised by the Royal Commonwealth Society, is one of the most prestigious international writing competitions for school students.

Chinmayee chose the theme - 'It’s been 30 years since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, what does the world look like.' It was an intriguing topic that required her to use her imagination to create a post-Covid world in the future. Her essay focused on the stark and profound changes induced by the pandemic and how humanity grappled with its inconspicuous enemy and emerged victorious.

Chinmayee Sandeep
Meenakshi Hariharan
Meenakshi Aces Quiz-O-Pedia @ JPGS

Meenakshi Hariharan of Grade 8 emerged as the second runner-up in the highly competitive Quiz-O-Pedia @ JPGS, a national-level interschool quiz competition conducted by Jayshree Periwal Global School, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The competition consisted of 5 Preliminary Quizzes and a Rapid-Fire Finale in diverse categories, including World Sports, Current Affairs, Logical Reasoning, Indian History, Science, and Grammatical Accuracy. The preliminary rounds were individual events conducted grade-wise from grades 6 to 10. They were held for five consecutive weeks from September to October. The Finale was conducted LIVE on November 17 on Google Meet. The participants had to give the maximum number of correct answers in one minute to win. Meenakshi faced stiff competition, but she bagged the second runner-up prize, thanks to her quick thinking and ability to perform under pressure.

Top Debaters

Abhishek Girish and Keshav Malik Kapoor of Grade 11 have emerged as two of the top 50 debaters in the country. They have made it to the national debating camp organized by Indian Schools Debating Society (ISDS), India's premier Debating organisation after four gruelling rounds and competing amongst 1500+ students from 15+ regions.

Top debaters - 1
Top debaters - 2
Aditya Srivaths
Satkriti App developed by Aditya Srivaths

Aditya Srivaths, a class 10 student of National Public School, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, recently released an Android application called ‘Satkriti’ on Google Play Store. It is an educational application with a package of lessons carefully created to teach good values and aims at making young students socially aware and responsible. Each lesson uses a simple comic book narrative to easily demonstrate common behaviours in a setting, and Q&A for the user to imbibe the right actions. The first release includes lessons on topics such as bullying, discrimination, cleanliness and traffic rules. You can download the app at https://bit.ly/3qJvRca

Vaishnavi Strikes Gold at the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2021

Vaishnavi Karthick Prasad of Grade 10 won the Gold Award at the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2021, organized by the Royal Commonwealth Society. The competition, established in 1883, is the world's oldest international writing competition for schools.

The theme for 2021 was Community in the Commonwealth. In her essay, Vaishnavi discussed Coretta Scott King’s famous quote: “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” Her excellent grasp of the topic and creativity impressed the judges of this prestigious contest. Well done, Vaishnavi! She achieved this feat by facing stiff competition from a record-breaking 25,648 participants from every Commonwealth region.

Vaishnavi Karthick Prasad
SparkYourSuperpowers - 1
SparkYourSuperpowers - 2
#SparkYourSuperpowers! Winner

NPS Indiranagar and One M One B as part of the Adobe program joined hands to hold a contest for our students of grades 7 and above who have access to Adobe Spark license.

The students were to create a super cool poster, video or Webpage using Adobe Spark on their skills and talent they want to highlight. This contest was part of the celebrations of World Youth Skills Day.

Manya Sivasalapathy of Grade 11B has won this contest. She gets a reward worth Rs.1500!

Dhyan Vyas wins CogNITive '21

The Literary Stage and Debating Society of NITK Surathkal conducted the third annual inter-school quizzing competition, CogNITive '21. It was held online on 31 July 2021 (Preliminary round) and 1 August 2021 (Finals). CogNITive is a two-day national-level quiz contest that tests school students' mettle and gives them a sneak-peek into college quizzing. It was a team event with a team of two or fewer members that saw the participation of teams from all parts of India. Dhyan Vyas of Class 12 participated solo and won this event after five very competitive rounds of quizzing. He was awarded a scholarship of Rs 50000/- by NoMoreClass.

Numero Uno - 1
Numero Uno - 2
Winners of Numero Uno National Level Quiz Competition

Dhyan Vyas of Grade 12 and Shruti Karthik of Grade 11 are the first runner-up and second runner-up respectively in the senior category of the 2nd edition of Numero Uno National Level School Quiz competition. This quiz was conducted by Nexus Consulting in two rounds, held on the 17th and 24th of July 2021. More than 200 participants from various cities from all over India took part in this event.

Teen Techy!

Siddhant Attavar, a class 11 student of NPS INR, won awards at two international science fair events for his project SMART (Stroke Monitoring and Rehabilitation using Technology). He won the gold award at the Genius Olympiad, a competition that drew participation from 2000 participants in 85 countries. Additionally, he won the second prize at GYSTB, a global science fair in which over 500 teams from across the world participated.

Teen Techy
Shreya Mahesh
Shreya Mahesh wins the Champion Funtrepreneur award for her initiative as a young entrepreneur

Shreya Mahesh, a student of Class 7, inspired by the online Young Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) conducted last year in Class 6, was the recipient of the Champion Funtrepreneur Award for her initiative as a young entrepreneur conducted by Udhyam Learning Foundation in May 2021.

Shreya chose to find a way to spread a smile and solve the problem of boredom in small kids. The highlight was taking a session for the children (6-10 years) of an orphanage by using her puppet to entertain the kids which included art and craft, riddles, tongue twisters, dance and story time making the session interactive and fun. It surely did put a smile on their faces.

Siddhant Attavar aces HPE Codewars 2021

Siddhant Attavar of Grade 11 recently took part in the virtual coding competition - HPE Codewars 2021 India Edition and won 2nd place out of 2500 participants. In addition to prize money worth ₹25,000, he got the opportunity to run an experiment on a state-of-the-art supercomputer at the International Space Station. Siddhant designed an experiment to compare the speed and efficacy of various hash algorithms, which was run on June 8th, 2021. HPE sent a certificate stating that his experiment was run successfully on the space station.

Siddhant Attavar
Grand Awards - 1
Grand Awards - 2
Aria Vikram and Vishnu Sampathkumar win Global laurels

Aria Vikram of Cass 12 won the third grand award in the Biomedical Engineering category for the project StethoDoc, a smart stethoscope which can screen for lung disorders, at the REGENERON International Science and Engineering Fair 2021(REGENERON ISEF 2021) as well as a Special Award from the United States Agency for International Development for its impact on global health, winning over 3000 dollars.

Vishnu Sampathkumar of class 12 won the fourth grand prize in the Translational Medicine Category of REGENERON ISEF 2021. His project was "ADiag: Graph Theory and Deep Learning Based Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease", which is the first graph neural network based diagnostic model for Alzheimer's disease. ADiag can also make an Alzheimer's disease prediction, 3 years before the onset of the disease.

Another feather in Aria’s cap

Aria Vikram of Class 12 has been chosen as one of the 4 Indians to attend the Research Science Institute (RSI) program by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

RSI is a six week science and engineering summer program held by the Center for Excellence in Education in collaboration with MIT where students are mentored under the tutelage of accomplished scientists and researchers to hone their scientific skills. Aria has won a full scholarship to participate in this program.

Aria Vikram
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