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Achievements & Accolades 2023-2024



Achievements & Accolades


Arnav R Coushik Wins the Jury’s Heart at the SAP Scratch Challenge 2020

Arnav R Coushik of Grade 9 participated in the SAP Labs Scratch Challenge 2020 conducted in collaboration with the Brazilian NGO - Instituto Arara Azul. The challenge was to create an animation or game using the Scratch software on the theme - Rescue of the Blue Macaws in Brazil. His game 'Azure: Rescue of the Blue Macaws' was among the seven global projects that received the Jury's Favourite recognition from a pool of 70 project entries from across the world.

Arnav R Coushik
International Rank 1 in the Olympiads conducted by SOF
SOF - International Mathematics Olympiad
Aritra Majumdar (Gr 3)
Rishabh Subhankar (Gr 3)
Jas Pradhan (Gr 4)
Rashnu Ray Chaudhuri (Gr 5)
Spandan Jena (Gr 6)
Nistla Sri Amritha Varshini (Gr 9)
Tejas Kurian Sajith (Gr 9)
SOF - International Science Olympiad
Shreyas Ashok (Gr 3)
Rashnu Ray Chaudhuri (Gr 5)
Aaditya Kumar (Gr 9)
SOF - International English Olympiad
Shloka Duvvuri (Gr 3)
Jas Pradhan (Gr 4)
Spandan Jena (Gr 6)
Aparna Chatterjee (Gr 11)
Gold award at the Indian Science and Engineering Fair

Siddhant Attavar of Class 10 won the Gold Award at the Indian Science and Engineering Fair which was conducted on 10th January 2021 and have been selected to represent India at the Genius Olympiad 2021 and the Global Science and Technology Bowl 2021, Hong Kong.

He won the award for his project SMART: Stroke Monitoring And Rehabilitation using Technology which uses innovative technologies like EEG and machine learning to provide stroke diagnosis and rehabilitation services to patients at home.

Siddhant Attavar
Iris Fair - 1
Iris Fair - 2
IRIS National Science Fair Grand Award Winners

Aria Narayan Vikram and Vishnu Sampathkumar of Class 11 have won the Grand Prize in Biomedical Engineering at the IRIS National Science Fair conducted from 20-24 January 2021. Aria has been chosen as part of Team India for Regeneron's International Science and Engineering Fair 2021 for her project StethoDoc which is the world's first Augmented Reality Guided Smart Stethoscope.

Vishnu’s project, titled 'ADiag', is a Graph Neural Network based algorithm that diagnoses Alzheimer's disease, using cortical thickness as a biomarker. In addition to winning the Grand Award, he also secured a position on Team India at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2021.

E-summit Entrepreneurship Event

From 6 -10th January 2021, IIT Roorkee, in collaboration with Clever Harvey, held their E-summit Entrepreneurship event. Participants had to come up with a novel, feasible business idea and pitch it to potential investors. After a social media round where 16 out of hundreds of teams were selected, 2 teams from our school did us proud. Janav Arun and Preksha Tyagi came first overall with their portal to help children with special needs. They earned a cash prize of Rs. 25,000, a sit down with the CEO of Clever Harvey and an opportunity to pitch their idea at IIM Udaipur. Shreyas Bachiraju and Pragadeeshwar Kannan were the first runners up, with their driver safety system, Drive Safe. They too were awarded an opportunity to pitch their idea at IIM Udaipur as well as a meeting with the project head of Clever Harvey.

E-summit Entrepreneurship - 1
E-summit Entrepreneurship - 2
E-summit Entrepreneurship - 3
E-summit Entrepreneurship - 14
Times School Survey 2020-2021

NPS Indiranagar, Bangalore is a premier educational institution which made a mark for its impressive academic track record. As a result of the pandemic Covid-19, education has changed dramatically, with teaching undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. We appreciate our students and parents, who stood with us in this endeavour, for their total involvement.

Times School Survey 2020-21 has been released. We are happy to announce that NPS, Indiranagar has been ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively, in the survey conducted by the premier newspaper organisation, THE TIMES OF INDIA, for CBSE Curriculum and for Online Teaching.

Times School Survey - 1
Times School Survey - 2
Intach Heritage Quiz

The finals of the Interschool Intach Heritage Quiz was held on 9th December. There were 6 qualifying teams from Banglore. Tanmay Sinha and Varshini NSA of Class 9 were placed second in this quiz.

Intach Heritage Quiz - 1
Intach Heritage Quiz - 2

Anirudh Sai Harish of Grade 10 and H Ram of Grade 12 participated in a quiz conducted by MindCogs called FITQUIZ. Conducted by quizmaster, Mr.Vinay Mudaliar, it was the first quiz in India dedicated to health and nutrition. The students made it to the finals after the prelims and semi finals which were held on 2 and 5 December 2020 respectively. It had participants from India, Singapore and the Gulf countries. Anirudh Sai Harish was one of the 8 finalists and placed 4th while H Ram was one of the 16 semi finalists.

Synchronize 2020

Synchronize 2020, a fest by Bishop Cotton Boys’ School was conducted on 16, 17 and 18 September 2020. Aditya Bansal and Aryen Singhal of class 10 secured the first place in the event Quest and won a cash prize of Rs 2500. Dhyan Vyas and Akshara Joshipura were placed second in the event Quest. Vedant Gupta secured the second place in the event Animania. Siddhant Attavar came third in the event Technocrat.

Synchronize 2020 - 1
Synchronize 2020 - 2
Synchronize 2020 - 3
Synchronize 2020 - 4
JPGS Talen-'Tech'-Xange

Even though competitions have shifted to an online platform, our students embraced the opportunity inspite of the change in format. JPGS held Talen-’Tech’-Xange an Interschool competition comprising 4 events and our students were well placed in all of them. In the Corporate Titans event, Siddharth Kaul and Mahee Gubbi of Grade 12 came first. In the Movie Making event, Lakshay Kumar, Aaditya Kumar, Tanmay Sinha, N S A Varshini of Grade 9 came first. In the Yes! Professor event Samyuktha Kovilakath of Grade 8 came first. In the 90 Second Challenge event, Devyanshi Chakraborty of Grade 7 came second and Saumya K Mehta of Grade 11 came third.

Voice Recitation Competition

The Voice Recitation competition for students of grades 1-6 was organised on 19 and 20 October 2020. The programme witnessed the participation of 380 students from 20 schools in Bangalore. The competition was organised to boost speaking skills and instill confidence in children.

In the Poetry category for grades 3 and 4, Devika Menon of Grade 3 secured the Second rank. In the same category for grades 5 and 6, Rashnu Ray Chaudhuri of Grade 5 won the First rank.

In the Prose category for grades 1 and 2, Aadya Aakriti of Grade 1 secured the First rank.

Voice Recitation Competition - 1
Voice Recitation Competition - 2
Voice Recitation Competition - 3
Volks Fiesta 2.0
p>In the second edition of Volks Fiesta by Deens Academy, the students of NPS INR showed what they are made of by winning in 5 events.

In the first event Viva La Vida which was an old English musical event, Niharika Anand of Grade 2 gained a vocal recognition

In the event Digi treasure Quest which was a treasure hunting event, Meenakshi Hariharan, Archita Panikkar, Vihaan Gupta, Maya Rajesh and Anirudh Chinta of Grade 7 bagged the third position

In the next event Mimesis which was a miming competition to display the thoughts and the fitness of the mind and body, Swanti Goel of Grade 5 bagged the first Position.

In the next event Battle of Realms which was a nail biting debating refuting event on the ideas of the fitness of the body and mind, Nanda Rajiv of Grade 12 won the 2nd position.

In the next event Caption Riot the whackier the caption the better your chances of winning, Rhema Anna George of Grade 12 bagged the 2nd Position.


BIFROST ’20 is a fest conducted by St. Josephs Boys high School, Bangalore. This year it was conducted in August 2020. The students of NPS Indiranagar have once again made us proud. Aditi Niraj Bajaj and Suditi Sircar won the First place in the event The Eleventh Hour. Janav Arun bagged the First place and Nikhil Kamra came second in Veritasium. Tarun Ashok and Advay Ajayan Thangoor secured the second place in Armageddon.

BIFROST ’20 - 1
BIFROST ’20 - 2
BIFROST ’20 - 3
BIFROST ’20 - 4
BIFROST ’20 - 5
BIFROST ’20 - 6

Our school's participation in virtual fests continues to earn us laurels. Between 8th and 14th August 2020, Bishop Cotton's Girls School organised it's virtual Science Fest Erudition, and our students made us proud. Anirudh S and Abhinav Chinta of Grade 12 participated in the Code Wars event and placed 2nd, winning a cash prize of Rs 400 each.

Also, Shreya Datta, Maithri Saravanan and Tanishka Singh of Grade 12 won 3rd place in the event Ciest.

Erudition - 1
Erudition - 2
Erudition - 3
Erudition - 4
Erudition - 5
Transcendence 2020

Siddhant Attavar of Grade 10 participated in St. Josephs High School's Science and Technology Fest Transcendence on 8 August 2020. In the programming event Code-Blooded, out of 40 participants, he secured 1st place, winning a cash prize of Rs 1000.

Transcendence 2020 - 1
Chri-Zzer – 2020 - 1
Chri-Zzer – 2020

Chri-Zzer – 2020 is a National Level Business Quiz competition organized by School of Commerce, Finance, & Accountancy and School of Business &Management for students at the Intermediate level (9th to 12th Grade). Chri-Zzer 2020 is the Flagship Event of CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa Campus - The Hub of Analytics in Collaboration with CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Delhi NCR campus. It had more than 600 participants from all over India and a few from other countries as well. It was conducted on various online platforms and had 3 preliminary rounds and a final round. Renowned quiz master Dr. G S Pradeep was the quiz master for the finals. Dhyan Vyas of NPS Indiranagar secured the 1st prize, winning a cash prize of 1 lakh Rupees, in this highly competitive event.

TW MUN 2020

On 7 and 8 November, IIT Bombay hosted its scientific extravaganza, Techfest 2020. Among many other events, they hosted the Techfest WorldMUN as well which had a mammoth participation of more than 500 delegates from all across India. Our students have yet again done us proud. In the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs, Anirudh Sai H (representing United States of America) from Class 10 D secured the Commendable Delegate award, placing third in over thirty delegates. In the very same committee, Arjun Ramesh (representing Singapore) from Class 10D placed fourth and was awarded a Special Mention for his exceptional performance. In the UNGA Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee, Vaidheesh Bharadwaj (representing China) from Class 10 A placed third and secured the Commendable Delegate award. Abhishek G of 10C took on the role of the Moderator and served on the Executive Board of the Commission for Narcotic Drugs and was tasked to judge the delegates’ performance in committee through a rigorous 2 days. Congratulations to all the winners!

TW MUN - 1
TW MUN - 2
TW MUN - 3
TW MUN - 4
Deccan Herald Fun Quiz - 1
Deccan Herald Fun Quiz

Deccan Herald in association with Deeksha Academy held the Deccan Herald Fun quiz for Class 8 to 11 students. Dhyan Vyas from class 11B received 1st place, surpassing over 5000 entrants. He received a cash prize of Rs. 25,000.

Akshara Joshipura publishes Pregus - Android App

Akshara Joshipura (Class XI, NPS Indiranagar) has published Pregus – your personal pregustator, a free Android app on Google Play Store. Pregus reads food ingredients and alerts about food ingredients that are unfit for the user. Pregus scans for 3,000+ food ingredients in 60+ languages to protect against 14 most common food allergies (like gluten, milk, fish etc.) and/or not conducive to 6 food restrictions (like veganism, pescatarianism etc.).

On Google Play store, it is available at:

Akshara Joshipura - 1
Akshara Joshipura - 2
Melio Debating Challenge #2

We are pleased to announce that 3 students of National Public School, Indiranagar won prizes in the Melio Debating Challenge #2. There were 50+ participants from 7+ cities across India, UK, Thailand, Kuwait and Bahrain participating in this competition.

Under 18 Category
1st: Jishnu Venkataraman
Semi-finalist: Bhaavan P

Under 14 Category
Semi-finalist: Saanika Jain

Melio Debating Challenge #2 - 1
Melio Debating Challenge #2 - 2
Melio Debating Challenge #2 - 3
Numero Uno Quiz - 1
Numero Uno National level school quiz

Dhyan Vyas of Class 11B, participated in Numero Uno National level school quiz conducted by Nexus Consulting on 27th and 28th of June 2020.

The quiz was conducted in three rounds, Preliminary, Semi-final and Final, where more than 220 participants from various cities all over India, took part. Dhyan finished as second Runner up in this highly competitive event.

Melio Debating Challenge #1

Pia Gupta of Class 8 won as the Semi-Finalist in the Melio Debating Challenge #1. There were 38 participants from 6+ cities across India, UK, Thailand, Kuwait and Bahrain participating in this competition.

Melio Debating Challenge #1 - 1
Online Storytelling Challenge #2 - 1
Online Storytelling Challenge #2 Winner

We are pleased and proud to announce that a student of NPS Indiranagar won the 3rd prize in the Melio Storytelling Challenge #2. There were 70+ participants from 10+ cities across India, UK, Thailand, Kuwait and Bahrain participating in this competition.

Anagha Sampathkumar of Class 8 took part in the 'under 16' age category and won the 3rd prize.

Melio Speaking Challenge #7

Anagha Sampathkumar of Class 8 won the 3rd Prize in the Melio Speaking Challenge #7. There were 120+ participants from 10+ cities across India, UK, Thailand, Kuwait and Bahrain participating in this competition.

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