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Kindergarten Class Picnic

Friday, 14th of December 2018 was fun day for the children of Kindergarten. It was the day when they were to be taken on their annual picnic, this time to ‘Big Barn’, a popular farm house resort in Bangalore. To make the most of the day, the children were asked to report early to school. The children arrived full of eagerness and anticipation, ready to make the most of what promised to be a day filled with excitement and non-stop activity. In true holiday spirit, the children came attired in blue jeans and black T-Shirts. The gleam in their eyes spoke eloquently about their expectations of a day to remember. The celebratory mood began during the bus ride to the venue itself, with the students singing Christmas carols and listening to popular Hindi songs. As soon as they reached the Big Barn, they were welcomed by the team of organizers at the farm. They were ushered in for a sumptuous breakfast, which came as a welcome energizer for the students. Fully replenished, they plunged headlong into the activities which were planned for them. The fun activities included potting, animal petting and feeding, nature walk and the highlight of the trip...a tractor ride. Exhausted after the flurry of activities, they were taken for a well-deserved lunch, which was followed by another fun filled session of dancing. The day ended with a round of juice and snacks, after which it was time to board the bus for the return ride. Though weary, one could sense that the children were reluctant to leave, such was the level of fun they enjoyed during the outing. But all good things have to come to an end, and the children were dropped back at school, each one of them eager to share their fun filled experiences with their parents and near and dear ones.

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