KG Grandparents Day 2022

Grandparents’ Day was celebrated by KG students of National Public School, Indiranagar on Saturday, 8 October 2022, with a subtle mix of reverence and gay abandon. The children basked in the grace and blessings of their grandparents who looked on with indulgence as their grandchildren displayed their multiple talents in a variety of ways.

The grandparents were filled with emotions and really touched as they were welcomed by their little ones with Tilak applied on their forehead as a mark of respect, rose water sprinkled on them with impish delight and petals showered on them by the little ones.

Adding colour to the proceedings was the Bollywood retro theme for grandparents and grandchildren, which ensured a kaleidoscope of bright colours. The enthralling performances by students left the grandparents spell bound and thoroughly mesmerised. The students engaged their grandparents with a quiz session based on various states. This was followed by various fun activities done in the classrooms, during which the grandparents relived their childhood by letting their hair down in games where they partnered with their little ones. The icing on the cake was the students felicitating their grandparents, by crowning them with a golden crown and a warm hug.

Grandparent’s Day was memorable for the grandparents and grandchildren as it left everyone carrying pleasant memories.