KG - Ganesh Chaturthi

Lord Ganesha is considered to be the lord of success, education, knowledge and wisdom. He is the remover of all obstacles and we pray to Lord Ganesha when we begin something new. This year the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated on 1 September 2022 by the Kindergarten students of National Public School, Indiranagar. To commence this auspicious day, devotional songs were played whilst the students came in. All students and faculty members gathered around the pandal that was put up for the celebration. The story of incarnation of Lord Ganesha was narrated to the students. The idol was worshipped with recitation of devotional songs and offering of flowers. Students wholeheartedly participated in the Aarti as some played the musical instruments while the others clapped rhythmically for the Aarti. A few students came forward to sing devotional songs and shlokas. It was indeed a devout festival celebration.