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Innowaves 2018

Innowaves 2018, the 9th edition of the Commerce Fest of National Public School, Indiranagar was held on 10th August, 2018. Planned and executed by the commerce students of Grade 11 and 12, while being guided by the teachers of the Commerce Department, the fest proved to be a huge success. Innowaves 2018 saw representation from schools across Bangalore, with 13 schools fighting it out in innovative events.

Eminent dignitaries such as Ms. Shefali Tyagi, Principal, NPS HSR, and Ms. Shantha Chandran, Principal, NPS Indiranagar, graced the valediction ceremony and felicitated the winners of all events.

Pitch Perfect, a reproduction of the classic Product Launch event, tested the teams’ ability to think of innovative products that solve real-world problems in a sector allotted to them, and also their ability to think spontaneously to enhance product lines of existing companies.

Decerto, or Best Manager, saw rounds that tested every aspect of managing a company, from handling crises, to answering questions asked to them in an interview with the esteemed and intimidating judges.

Excelsior, a rendition of the stock market, tested teams’ ability to analyse the data provided to derive a meaningful conclusion or analysis, and further their ability to act on this analysis to end the simulation with the highest net asset value.

Cognitus, or the Business Quiz, put teams through innovative and challenging rounds that tested business acumen as well as their quizzing prowess. From rounds that required teams to establish a long connect across the different answers, to buzzer rounds, the teams were thoroughly engrossed.

Regnum, or the Corporate Event, was the first of two events that were conducted for the first time at Innowaves 2018. With exciting rounds testing participants’ ability to harness resources in profitable combinations and their negotiation skills, it proved to be a huge success.

Inquest, the Mystery Event, was the other event which was the first of its kind. Designed to test participants ability to interpret subtle clues to form a meaningful sequence, this event was one of the standout events of Innowaves 2018.

All events saw very tight competition with several teams fighting it out for the top spot. However, one school impressed in a multitude of events and this school, Sri Kumarans Childrens Home, ultimately clinched the Overall Trophy at Innowaves 2018.

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