Indradhanush - Hues of Talent

On Saturday, 4th December 2021, Grade 8 students of National Public School, Indiranagar, presented their Annual Event, ‘Indradhanush – Hues of Talent’, which regaled parents and guests alike. The event, hosted entirely by the students on MS Teams, focused on showcasing their virtuosity in different art forms through poetry, dance, music and visual arts. The theme for Indradhanush was representation of values through creative expression. Each art form was dipped in one particular value, which is critical for the youth of 21st century.

While the painters of Grade 8 endorsed the need to develop the ability to prioritise one’s activities, the singers espoused their concern for environment through their soulful rendition. The poetry section saw students recite a narrative poem, a myth and a parable, each upholding a vital virtue. Finally, a mesmerising Bharatanatyam performance based on Maya Angelou’s powerful poem Still I Rise, which focused on asserting one’s dignity and resilience in the face of criticism, brought down the curtain on the event.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the performance and was appreciative of the efforts put in by our students to weave together a one-of-a-kind show.