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‘Child First’ workshop

A ‘Child First’ workshop was conducted by Ms Sapna Anup on 4th August’18 for all the Kindergarten students of National Public School, Indiranagar. The underlying theme of the workshop was child safety, with special emphasis on the precautions and safeguards that a child should take to keep away sexual predators. Using a friendly interactive style, Ms Sapna Anup stressed upon the importance of where to say ‘NO’ to strangers. She covered the different types of inappropriate advances and explained to the students what is ‘Good Touch’ and ‘Bad Touch’. She also covered the different types of ‘Alert’ which children should be aware of like ‘See Alert’, ‘Hold Alert’, ‘Talk Alert’ and ‘Touch Alert’. To sum up the workshop the students were shown a video on ‘Child Safety’. The information imparted by Ms Sapna Anup was received and comprehended well by the students.

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