Young Entrepreneurship Programme 2022

The Grade 6 Young Entrepreneurship Programme during which the students pitched their products to parents through presentations, took place on Saturday, 5 November 2022 at NPS Indiranagar.

The students of Grade 6 donned many hats (sales manager, marketing manager, product manager, project manager and finance manager) as they presented their plan for products to be made and the cost sheets for each.

Their aim was to convince their parents to come on board and invest in their venture.

Many hours of painstaking work went into planning products, creating a brand logo, calculating costs and profits and preparing effective ppts to present to the parents. They confidently answered questions put forth by their parents and as always, did not cease to impress.

This was just a stepping stone to the main event, the 'Market Day' which is coming up soon.

Kudos to Grade 6 students for their impressive performance!