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Well-Being Road Trip

The afternoon of September 14, 2022 was a mesmerising one for the faculty members of NPS Indiranagar. Our Chairman, Dr K P Goplakrishna, Dean, Dr Santhamma Gopalkrishna, our Vice-Chairperson, Dr Bindu Hari, our Associate Director, Ms Josheta Hari and our Mentor Principal, Ms Shantha Chandran, began their maiden Well-Being Road Trip with their first stop at NPS Indiranagar.

Post-pandemic, our Director, Dr Bindu Hari had expressed a need for faculty members to reconnect in-person, in a less formal environment, with each other and with the Board of Governors. This desire led to the creation of so many valuable memories and bonds, so much laughter and camaraderie and a unique opportunity to unwind at the end of a rigorous term.

The journey began with a walk down the metaphoric NPS INR road with milestones representing significant years in the history of the school. Delving into past memory packages, Santhamma Ma’am and Bindu Ma’am emerged victorious with accurate recollections about the significance of each milestone.

The journey continued with heart-warming addresses by Bindu Ma’am and Santhamma Ma’am along with an extremely special acknowledgement and appreciation by them of 32 teachers and 12 support staff who had dedicated between 15 to 37 phenomenal years at NPS INR.

Following a delicious lunch, teachers were split into five groups and directed to five separate venues where our exquisite co-curricular teachers engaged them in a beautifully planned and executed activity that was to be showcased at the end of the day. Giggles, guffaws, chatter, exclamations, rapport-building and emergence of hidden talents were the highlights of the activity sessions ranging from basketball drill, musical jugalbandi, curated origami, foot-tapping dance and show-stopping chair and face yoga.

A most enigmatic “showcase” at the end of the day bore testimony to the resolve of NPS INR faculty members – Any challenge will always be an opportunity for us to collectively and collaboratively learn with passion, grow with commitment and shine with panache.

The perfect close to the day was relaxing tea with a competitive Antakshari!

Special thanks to Ms Caroline Louis, Head, TTA and NPS QA and her team, for their steadfast support and enthusiastic participation. Whole-hearted gratitude to our Board of Governors for bringing us all together, spending so much time with us and making us feel special! These memories will be cherished! A special thank you to Dr Bindu for her commitment to invest in our Well-Being!

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