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Socratic 2023

The Grade 11 students of National Public School, Indiranagar, organised the academic event 'Socratic' on 18 November 2023, showcasing interdisciplinary brilliance. As parents arrived, events like 'Synapse' merged Biology and Psychology, 'Alchemy' delved into microscopic Chemistry, and 'Pitch Perfect' featured innovative entrepreneurial pitches. 'Cryptologica' unveiled code decryption in Computer Science, 'Nomisma' explored global Economic dynamics, and 'Verse Victoire' revealed the literary techniques of the greats. 'Exercitus' presented a cinematic adaptation amalgamating History and Literature, 'Glowing Complexities' marvelled at mathematical intricacies, and 'Gravitacia' explored Physics wonders. The students seamlessly integrated knowledge, impressing with their academic prowess. 'Socratic' was a triumph, demonstrating diverse skills and creating a memorable, imaginative experience for all participants.

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