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Scientifica 2021 - Grade 7

On 11 December 2021, the students of Grade 7 of National Public School Indiranagar organised a virtual Science Fest- Scientifica 2021. The event comprised of a plethora of mind-stimulating science segments ranging from exhibition and presentations (Science Porium) to the adrenalin pumping real-time games like puzzles, crosswords and word searches (Daedalus’ Den). The quiz witnessed parents battling it out with avid enthusiasm to emerge the fastest to get the right answer. In the segment Culturology- Creativity is Courage, the interpretation of science took creative wings as the students rapped the periodic table and mesmerised the audience through scientific puppet shows. After a lot of enthusiastic research, the students created short films on a variety of topics like the verdant world of rainforests, palaeontology, hydroponics and immunization. These were showcased in the segment- Theory of Perfection- A Visual Spectacle. The students unleashed their imagination and amalgamated science with creative arts and life to create the segment- I Spy Science, where scientific elements became the backbone of an investigative thriller mystery, enacted to perfection by the students.

While adapting to the present situation, Scientifica 2021 provided a perfect platform to encourage scientific and technological creativity among students and to inculcate a sense of pride in their talents. The audience lauded the collaborative effort of teachers, mentors and students.

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