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Sanskrit Diwas 2022-23

On 23 August 2022, a fabulous event reflecting the importance of the Sanskrit language was put up by the students of Grades 7 to 10 of National Public School, Indiranagar. The programme started with a melodious invocation song, 'Namaste,' sung in harmony by the students of Grades 7 to 9, accompanied by the mridangam and the veena. This was followed by a spectacular dance drama on the Ramayana. The audience was enchanted by how gracefully the Ramayana was enacted through dance. This performance was followed by a speech by the students of Grade 8 elaborating how Sanskrit is not a dead language and why we should all help revive it. An amazing song followed, accompanied by the mridangam. A series of shlokas with morals were recited from the Bhagavad Gita by the students. Everyone then participated enthusiastically in a mythology quiz. The programme ended with some closing remarks and the vote of thanks.

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