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Promising Paperbacks 2022

National Public School, Indiranagar has ‘wowed’ its audience yet again with its most recent presentation – ‘Promising Paperbacks.’

Saturday, 22 January 2021, had the Grade 4 students give parents and guests an online sneak peek into their journey to becoming amateur novel writers over the last few months.

The programme began with a welcome speech by the teachers followed by a short clip of children interacting with their parents at home and updating them on the excitement of venturing into the unknown realm of novel writing.

Parent-author Jayashree Ganesan addressed the children. This was succeeded by the audience being escorted into the imaginary world of J K Rowling and Rudyard Kipling and how they went about writing their books, the famous Harry Potter series and Jungle Book respectively. This was coupled with advice from both the renowned authors on some salient features to becoming a proficient author.

The packed programme included a few light dance performances by the students, to tunes from Harry Potter and Jungle Book.

An engaging quiz which included the participation of an enthralled and captivated audience brought the programme to a close.

A quick glance was also provided at the children proudly holding up their maiden novels, which are being made available for reading on the e-platform.

‘Promising Paperbacks’ was, just one more testament to the hard work and brilliant execution of the students and teachers of National Public School, Indiranagar.

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