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Montessori Tent Party

The last day of the term before the Dussehra holidays was growing closer. The excitement was palpable! Was it because of the holidays? Oh no! The thought of a tent party was creating all the buzz! The Montessori children of NPS Indiranagar had started speaking about it a week in advance and telling us about the preparations being made.

And finally, the day dawned. We could see the children logging in way earlier than they normally do!

When we went into class, we were amazed at what we saw. The parents had taken an immense amount of trouble to light up the tents of the children so very creatively. It was indeed a sight to behold. Group by group, we asked the children to step out of their tents. They showed each other their funky hair-do while we took photographs of them. They then stood out of their tents and danced gleefully to a movement video. Some of the moves were indeed display-worthy!

Jenny and Benny, the very familiar characters from their class modules accompanied them back into their tents under the stars and as "night fell" they sat cosily and watched a story about camping while some even cuddled up to a pillow or a soft toy.

Once the video was over, they emerged from the tent to wash up and sit down to a well-deserved snack which consisted to party food, something that everyone loves.

Again, it was time for us to be left gaping at the creativity of the parents- the snacks that were prepared was done with so much care and thought.

The party ended with the children leaving on a happy and satisfied note, ready to go in for a well-deserved 10-day break.

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