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Mathtrix 2023

Mathtrix 2023, held on July 28 at the National Public School, Indiranagar, was a remarkable mathematics fiesta, surpassing traditional math fests by incorporating music, drama, puzzles, and escape rooms. The event officially commenced with an enchanting invocation song and the ceremonial lighting of the lamp.

Participants from Grades 11 and 12 bustled around, seeking clues in the event ‘Mask A Raid’ or solving mysteries in ‘Nemesis’. In the auditorium, musical harmonies prevailed during ‘Apollo’, while several others battled it out in a contest of wits in the quiz event ‘Sum It Up’. Cricket and mathematics combined in the IPL Auction event ‘Auctus’, while the participants’ knowledge of the stock market was tested in ‘Mercatus’. The literary event ‘Sonneto’ took wordplay and puzzle solving to another level, and the event ‘Saturn’ combined the logic of math with the intricacies of history. Meanwhile, ‘Agon’ involved players in a mathematical board game, and ‘Enigmata’ tested participants’ proficiency in math and coding.

For Grades 9 and 10, events like ‘Picstraction’ blended math and photography, ‘Rhythmatics’ showcased musical talent with math, and ‘Cognitoria’ featured childhood games with a mathematical twist. ‘Forum Infinitum’ involved a debate on mathematical viewpoints. The puzzle event ‘Mystifiezzera’, the auction event ‘Mathopoly’, and the coding event ‘Hacksquads’ were equally captivating, with players vying for the trophy by solving logical problems through mathematical means. The creativity of the participants was tested in the event ‘Breaking Barriers’, where they had to simulate teaching a mathematics concept to a neurodiverse child. Sports and mathematics were combined in an innovative event called Mathletics, while ‘Operation Breakout’ saw students indulge in a thrilling mission to find an escaped terrorist named ‘Mr. X’.

The event, which witnessed participation from ten schools, celebrated mathematics as the universal language. The day culminated with felicitation of the winners and the awarding of the overall trophy for both categories, Grades 9 to 10 and Grades 11 to 12, to National Public School, HSR. Mathtrix 2023 left an indelible impression on every student, teacher, and facilitator. We thank all the participants for their enthusiastic involvement in making our event, a day of unforgettable memories, cherished friendships, and remarkable achievements in the language of mathematics.

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