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Landmarks 2021, the virtual social science extravaganza organised by Grade 4 of NPS INR was quite the 'Pandora's Box' of cultural presentations. Held on 13 March 2021 entirely via the online platform MS Teams, the event did not fail to entertain guests, parents and all who attended it.

Focus being on 'Unity in Diversity', the children presented models of various landforms, types of music and dance, traditional wear of states of India and also gave the viewers a lot of interesting information about our country-India. It stressed on the fact that inspite of our varied backgrounds and disparate cultures, we as Indians are ONE. To up the excitement, a live quiz was organised for the parents.

The event also showed that in spite of the challenging year we have just been through, with teachers, children and parents having to improvise, innovate and recalibrate, learning has always taken precedence. As always NPS INR standards kept high.

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