KG2 Dentist Visit

A healthy lifestyle is the way of life in this time and era. Following a healthy routine changes not only your body but also alters your mind, attitude and mood. On Friday, 15th July 2022, students of KG 2, National Public School, Indiranagar, took a small yet vital step towards understanding the significance of dental hygiene in adopting a healthy lifestyle. Dr Laxmi Rupesh, along with her team of experts, conducted a presentation on oral hygiene and the basic ways in which this can be a part of our daily routine. An interesting story highlighting the importance of brushing daily, had the students enthralled. A demonstration of the right way to brush followed by a discussion of food that supports or adversely affects oral health brought focus to the discussion. A dental check-up of students was also conducted by the team, following all safety precautions. The students’ excitement and involvement throughout the session led to an enriching discussion based on their own experiences and observations. Being mindful of the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle at such a young age will inadvertently set a strong base for healthy habits in the future.