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KG Picnic at Picket Fence Animal Farm

A day of fun with friends in tow and a whole lot of knowledge and experience was what the picnic at Picket Fence animal farm for the Kindergarten students of National Public School, Indiranagar was all about. The morning of 21 December 2023 saw enthusiastic students excitedly board the bus to set off on a day of adventure. On arrival at the farm, students began the day with their energy boosting morning breakfast. Further on, they were divided into smaller groups to visit different parts of the animal farm to enjoy a personalised experience. Learning could not have been more fun with a combo of gaining knowledge about stallions, ponies, donkeys, goats, sheep, cows, rabbits, hedgehog, guinea pigs, iguana, turkey, turtles, hens along with the experience of touching and feeding some of these animals. The highlight of the picnic surely was the mesmerising bird park, wherein our little learners got a first-hand experience in feeding the beautiful birds right from their palm along with a few of the birds taking a seat on their heads and shoulders. The initial fear of this close proximity gradually changed to the little ones yearning for more. This day of memories creatively culminated into pots of clay which our little ones made at the pottery corner, followed by lunch and a relaxed bus ride back to school. A memorable day indeed for all!

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