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Kindergarten Parents' Day 2021

Behind every young child who believes in themself is a parent who believed first. No words of praise or gratitude would suffice to applaud the unconditional love that parents hold for their children and the innumerable sacrifices they make for them. Nonetheless the KG children did make a small attempt to express their love for their parents, on Parents Day, which was celebrated on Saturday, 24 July 21. It was a family time, wherein families of children virtually met and got acquainted with each other and together all families spent a fun hour. The day commenced with a parent child look alike dress up, combined with a duo-trio performance in form of song, dance, puppet talk, fashion walk and more where exhibition of creativity was at its peak. The parent-child teams indulged in some fun games and danced to some adventurous steps which was a thorough entertainer for all. The day culminated with children crowning their parents with crowns independently made by them and their expression of love was through tight hugs and heartfelt ‘I Love You’ for their parents!

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