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KG Orientation 2023

An orientation for parents of Kindergarten 1 at National Public School, Indiranagar was held on Saturday, 3 June 2023. The session was planned such that it involved all parent participants in a range of group activities, collaborative tasks, singing rhymes and some music and movement. All this while, they associated with fellow parents, thus keeping them active and engaged throughout. The highlight of the day was that the new parents of KG 1 were oriented by the parents of KG 2. Right from welcoming the new parents, to helping them with the planned seating, taking them through school policies, engaging them in activities, demonstrating the children’s school day through a role play, the KG 2 parents did a fantabulous job! Themselves participants of the parent Orientation just the previous year, the KG 2 parents efficiently and effortlessly played the roles of children and teachers and patiently handled their smallest queries. A big shout out to these parent volunteers! The event ably met its objective and the new parents left with a smile, more confident and eagerly awaiting to associate with the NPS fraternity for the coming years.

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