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KG Halloween Celebrations 2021

When does one see preschoolers as monsters, witches, venoms, vampires and the likes, in their cutest forms? You guessed it right! Halloween it is! The kindergarten students of National Public School, Indiranagar had a double celebration on 28 Oct 2021. The joy and excitement of scaring their teachers at the virtual Halloween party was combined with the thrill and pride of successfully concluding Term 1, just in time to gleefully enjoy the festivities of the upcoming Diwali festival. The day was planned with a combination of monster theme games and a video watch on Diwali, with a meaningful message. The monster dance was quite amusing, as the little ones who had dressed as monsters themselves, would run away on seeing another monster suddenly appear on screen amidst their rhythmic dance. They also entertained and cheered each other by hiding their faces in blankets with one little monster making spooky sounds and the other cute monsters making a perfect guess of which little monster was the culprit. The Diwali video watch was an entertainer as the children combined it with their favourite snack bites and the company of each other. The message from the video of making someone happy during the festival, was well received by the kind little hearts. With happiness, joy and spooky sounds they finally bid goodbye to each other with twinkling eyes that looked forward to having a delightful Diwali break.

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