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KG Christmas Celebrations 2021

Christmas was welcomed with fervor, enthusiasm, joy, cheer and a marvelous display of skills and talent showcased by the Kindergarten students of NPS Indiranagar. The week was transformed into a carnival, with students beginning the first day as Santa’s painters, painting his famous Rudolph that brought 'Santa Claus' into classrooms for the Christmas party! The second day was a delicious delight as the little Santa’s chefs got into a fireless cooking mode and prepared a ‘Christmas Delight’ in the form of a snowman, followed by a creation of their very own signature dish. The third day left the audience awestruck, as the little Santa’s scientists conducted some excellent science experiments, explaining each step and the final outcome, with accuracy, using related vocabulary, exuberantly. On the fourth day Santa’s craftsmen made Santa masks, and the little Santas wearing their masks when done, were a treat to the eyes! After an exciting 4 days of fun and learning, their hard work and efforts needed a well-deserved reward and what better than a magic show! The week culminated with a virtual magic show by a professional magician on the fifth day, which the children loved to watch, giggling away to glory. What a way indeed to bid goodbye to 2021 and welcome the new year, looking forward to more joy and learning together!

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