International Yoga Day

A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body – this thought is simple but holds deep meaning and can be attained through a disciplined exercise routine. The students of National Public School, Indiranagar, celebrated International Yoga day on 21 June 2022, with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. The student body was enlightened on the importance of Yoga and how it helps maintain physical as well as mental health.

A Special assembly was conducted for all students with a demonstration of few asanas followed by an explanation of the benefits of each. A brief quiz was also conducted to highlight a few current topics in Yoga.

The theme for KG students was aquatic animal postures which was demonstrated through a short story involving a series of sea creature postures. The students started their session with ‘Surya Namaskar’, continued with various animal postures. The session concluded with meditation.

At GMC INR, all the three age groups of children in Montessori performed various asanas assigned to them. The enthusiasm as they performed these asanas and watched a yoga video was palpable and left everyone feeling energised and positive.