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Graduation Ceremony 2024

National Public School, Indiranagar held its Graduation Ceremony for the outgoing batch of Grade 12 students on 07 February 2024. It was held in the august presence of the Chief Guest, Dr. Papri Ray, a proud alumnus of NPS Indiranagar. Other dignitaries included the Chairman of the NPS Group of Institutions, Dr. K P Gopalkrishna; Dean, Dr. Santhamma Gopalkrishna; Vice Chairperson, Dr. Bindu Hari; CEO, Mr. Hari Krishnan; Associate Director, Ms. Josheta Hari; Mentor Principal, Mrs. Shantha Chandran; and Principal, Mrs. Shweta Pathak Chand. This event, emerged as a momentous occasion, encapsulating the essence of accomplishment and transition for the graduating students.

The ceremony commenced with a procession of the graduating students, followed by the auspicious lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries. Dr. Bindu Hari, Vice Chairperson, in her welcome address, enthused and motivated the students to accomplish great heights, while Dr. Papri Ray, in her speech motivated the students to uphold the values instilled by their educators.

Mr. Ritesh Kumar Singh, shared his positive feedback on his ward’s educational journey at NPS, highlighting the strong bond between parents, students, and the school. The distribution of mementos to each student was a poignant moment, accompanied by reflections on the unwavering support provided by their families. Subsequent, three students recalled their fondest experiences of their school life and went down a nostalgic trail of unforgettable moments they cherished.

Dr. K P Gopalkrishna, Chairperson of the NPS group of schools, outlined the institution's goals and emphasized on the positive impact of entrepreneurship in today’s world. Ms. Shweta Chand, the Principal, delivered a heartfelt address, reminiscing about the memories forged by teachers with the graduating batch and highlighting the reciprocal nature of freedom and responsibility.

The ceremony reached its pinnacle with the formal declaration of students as graduates and a poignant candle lighting ceremony. The students paid homage to the school, singing the school song with pride. The event concluded with a delightful dinner, providing an enjoyable atmosphere for students to capture photographs and cherish the friendship on their last day at NPS. The Graduation Day encapsulated a spectrum of emotions, marking both an end and a promising beginning for the graduates.

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