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Graduation Day 2023

National Public School, Indiranagar held its Graduation Ceremony for the outgoing batch of Grade 12 students on 20 January 2023. It was held in the august presence of the Chief Guest, Mr. Aditya Vikram Bhat, an accomplished advocate, senior partner at AZB & Partners and a proud alumnus of NPS Indiranagar. Other dignitaries included the Chairman of the NPS Group of Institutions, Dr. K P Gopalkrishna; Dean, Dr. Santhamma Gopalkrishna; Vice Chairperson, Dr. Bindu Hari; CEO, Mr. Hari Krishnan; Associate Director, Ms. Josheta Hari; Mentor Principal, Mrs. Shantha Chandran; and Principal, Mrs. Shweta Pathak Chand. The ceremony commenced with a procession of the graduating students, followed by the auspicious lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries accompanied by melodious Carnatic music.

This was followed by, Vice Chairperson, Dr. Bindu Hari delivering a speech highlighting the importance of positively contributing back to the society and urged the students to stay connected with their parents when they step out to explore new horizons. Mr. Aditya Vikram Bhat through his speech to the graduating batch emphasized the need to pay attention to one’s training, honing multiple skills and the concept of the metaphorical expansion and contraction of time and insisted on developing humility. Mrs. Veena Krishnan, (parent of Shreyas Viswanath) expressed her gratitude to the school for molding the students into young, confident and independent adults by nurturing their potentials. Student Perspective was shared by Rohit Chaakki, Arham Bhandari and Aditi Kanadam who recalled their fondest experiences of their school life and went down a nostalgic trail of unforgettable moments they cherished. Chairman of the NPS Group of Institutions, Dr. K P Gopalkrishna addressed the gathering. He conveyed his good wishes to the graduating students and wished them to be stellar leaders and global citizens. The Mentor Principal, Mrs. Shantha Chandran, congratulated the parents and teachers and reminded the students of the sacrifices and long hours put in by their mentors and facilitators.

The Principal, Mrs. Shweta Pathak Chand, recounted the achievements and fun-filled instances of the batch of 2022-23 and formally declared the students as graduates. The graduates took an oath led by the School Prefect, Keshav Malik Kapoor. The formal event ended with the solemn candle lighting ceremony and the school song. Interspersed between all these inspiring speeches were enthralling displays of the talent and creativity of this batch of students in the form of a dance and a euphonious musical performance by a band.

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