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Encore 2023-2024

On the evening of 22 December 2023, the Alumni Meet - Encore 2023 at NPS Indiranagar unfolded as a poignant reunion, beginning with dignitary speeches that reflected on the institution's legacy. The event featured two alumni speakers whose inspiring stories resonated with attendees, bridging the gap between past and present. The palpable excitement of alumni eager to reconnect with batchmates filled the air, fostering a spirit of unity and shared experiences. The joyous chatter and heartfelt embraces underscored the enduring bonds forged during their academic years.

The event seamlessly transitioned into a high tea session, providing a relaxed setting for alumni to reminisce and catch up. Amidst the nostalgic conversations, the evening celebrated the vibrant tapestry woven by our alumni, emphasizing the enduring connections formed within its walls. Attendees left with a profound sense of gratitude for shared memories and a commitment to nurturing the bonds that make our school community truly exceptional. Encore 2023 stands as a testament to the institution's enduring impact and the cherished friendships that continue to thrive among its graduates.

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