CompasS 2019: Finding direction

It is rightly said, ‘There are no old roads to new directions ‘. Towards the end of their academic year, Students of grade 10 have to choose their stream of study in the higher classes. The students are often confused whether to follow their heart and the direction they wish to go or stay safe and walk the old trodden path which has been tried and tested.

To help the students and the parents take an informed decision about the choice of stream for grade 11, National Public School, Indiranagar, hosted ‘Compass 2019-Finding directions’ on Saturday, 23 November 2019.

There was a panel of seven members who shared their thoughts, experiences and guided the audience. The speakers included Mr Jambu Natarajan P V and Ms Nithya Ramkumar from the NPS parent fraternity, Mr Rohit John Joseph and Ms Roshini George from the alumni, Mohit Gupta and Sitara A Sivadas, students currently studying in grade 12 and Mr Tushar Sinha, co-founder and director of Centum Academy. All the inputs from the speakers were based on their own experiences as students, parents or professionals and how the selection of the desired stream of study had moulded their lives and steered them towards their career goals. The panel talk ended with an open house interaction session.

The biggest takeaway from the session was the fact that any choice is good if one is passionate to follow it and take up the challenges that come with it. ‘If your path is more difficult, it’s because your calling is higher’.