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Compass 2023

Compass 2023 was designed to help our 10th graders make an informed decision about choice of stream. It took place at NPS Indiranagar on 25 November, 2023 in the school auditorium. Students of Grade 10 along with their parents attended a riveting session where they were addressed by our speakers and panellists.

We had Mr. Umanath Lanka and Mr. Deepak Rampal from the NPS parent fraternity, and Mr Neeraj Shanker, Mr. Karan Arora, and Ms. Neeraja Jayakumar from the NPS alumni fraternity as speakers. They are experienced professionals noted for their expertise in their chosen fields. In their speeches, they touched upon critical factors that impact a student’s career choice and future, including the role of parents, the impact of networking, and the importance of building on existing skills.

In order to give the students of Grade 10 a firsthand account of what different streams and subjects actually entail, Priyanshi Jain, Radhika Soni and Samyukta Sriram from our current senior secondary batches shared their insights into school life in different streams.

This year we introduced a new segment in Compass where our alumni pursuing different career paths took the stage to share their experiences and knowledge they have garnered over the years. They also interacted with the parents and students and answered queries put forth by them.

Overall, Compass 2023 was an informative event where our Grade 10 students learnt about the criteria they should look into while choosing a stream as well as what they can expect once they make that choice. We hope that armed with this newfound knowledge and inspiration, they are able to select the path that does justice to their innate talent, passion and ambition.

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