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CompasS 2022

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin said this so fittingly, because knowledge empowers a person to make choices.

Every year, towards the end of the academic year, students of grade 10 are required to choose their stream of study in the higher classes. The predicament that students often face is whether to follow their intuitive call or choose a tried and tested, safe option.

CompasS 2022-23 was structured in a manner to accommodate multiple initiating sessions for the students of grade 10, by school faculty members, spread out over the whole week, from 21 November to 25 November 2022. With their expertise in specific subjects of Commerce, Science and Humanities streams, these teachers could impart useful information as well as give an overview of the subjects and syllabi for the senior secondary classes.

As an appropriate culmination of CompasS 2022, a panel presentation was held in the school auditorium on Saturday 26 November 2022. Students of Grade 10, along with their parents, attended a series of talks by experienced professionals, alumni as well as a few students of grades 11 and 12, in order to explore the permutations - combinations of subjects in senior school. This would help the students and the parents take an informed decision about the choice of stream for study in Grades 11 and 12.

A panel of eight speakers shared their thoughts and experiences to guide the audience. The panel included Mr S K Jain and Dr (Ms) Suma from the NPS parent fraternity, Dr (Ms) Namratha Sudhir, Mr Ajith Nair and Ms Gayathri from the alumni fraternity and student speakers Anirudh Sai Harish, Anusha Sriram and Diya Ranjith. All the inputs from the speakers were based on their personal experiences, and how selection of the desired stream of study had helped mould their lives and directed them towards their career goals.

The greatest takeaway from the session was the cognizance that any choice is good if one follows it fervently, and is ready to take up the challenges that come with it. The significance of striking a balance between academics and co-curricular activities was brought out by the student speakers as well as the alumni. Developing contacts and widening one’s horizon was also emphasised. The professionals felt strongly that this helps in creating new perspectives and overcoming apprehensions. CompasS 2022 wound up successfully as the students seemed confident and well-equipped to take on grades 11 and 12.

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