Valediction Day

To bid farewell to the outgoing batch of class 12 students (2019-2020), the Valediction Day was held at National Public School Indiranagar, on Monday 20 January 2020. This solemn ceremony marked the conclusion of the activities and responsibilities that the senior-most class had headed during the year.

Symbolising this transference of duties, the House Captains of all 4 houses – Challengers, Explorers, Pioneers and Voyagers – handed over the house-flags to the respective Vice Captains; the Sports Captain of 2019-2020, delegated her tasks to the Sports Vice Captain; and finally the School Prefect Raghav Muthukumar, handed over the coveted baton of the School Prefect to the 2 Vice Prefects Nanda Rajiv and Rohan Banerjee, till the next set of office bearers are elected for these posts, in the next school term.

A melodious medley of songs was presented by the students of class 11, before other significant announcements were made. To acknowledge the importance of regularity and attendance in school, certificates are handed over to the students with 100 % attendance. This year, this remarkable feat was achieved by Nishchal Shetty of class 12C.

Mrs and Mr Surendranath, in collaboration with National Public School Indiranagar, had instituted the Mridula Endowment scholarship, in the year 2002. Every year, this scholarship is given to the student who exhibits exemplary academic performance throughout grades 9 and 10. The proud recipient of this scholarship, this year, was Roja Lakshmi Sahoo, of grade 10.

A dance medley, performed with enthusiasm and zest, by the students of class 11, entertained the audience during the celebration, before things moved in the direction of House points, and the winners of 2019-2020. The victorious House, with the highest points tally, this year, was The Voyagers House with a tall score of 2645 points. Not too far behind, the other 3 Houses scored as follows: Challengers – 2529 points; Pioneers – 2338 points and Explorers – 2243 points.

An individual award is bestowed every year, on two students – one from the Science stream and one from Commerce. This honour is a very comprehensive recognition of a student’s strength and growth, assessing all factors like diligence, love of learning, attitude, coping skills as well as the academic standing. From the Science stream, this year, the recipient was Akshara Kulkarni, and from the Commerce stream it was Nishchal Shetty.

After the teachers and students of the school had bid adieu to them, and wished them well for all their future endeavours, the outgoing batch of class 12 of 2020, took over the stage briefly. The school Prefect Raghav Muthukumar and Rachel Ranjan, of class 12, shared a few parting thoughts with everyone, reminiscing their journey through school years. Viswanath of class 11A concluded the Valediction Day proceedings by thanking Raghav and Rachel for sharing their views.