Sanskrit Divas 2018

This year, on August 8, the students studying Sanskrit came together to celebrate ‘Sanskrit Divas’, an occasion to recognise and commemorate this ancient language. The theme of ‘Sanskrit Divas’ was unanimously decided as ‘Panchatatva’ or ‘The Five Elements of Life’. After meticulous planning, a lot of hard work, brilliant team work, the students put up a great show that paid tribute to the highly scientific, and extremely concise language. After a greeting, all the students, participants and audience included, chanted the auspicious shloka - Asatoma Satgamaya - along with the lighting of the lamps by the dignitaries.

The performances started with children of Grade 6 chanting ‘Meghadootam’ by Kalidasa, which described in detail the journey of a rain cloud northward, to represent the element ‘Aakash’ or ‘Sky’. This was followed by a skit on Parashurama and Rama. The anger of Parashurama, which was like the element ‘Agni’ or ‘Fire’, was effectively depicted by the students of Grades 9 and 10, which taught us about the importance of humility and of having a forgiving nature. Then, the audience was enthralled by the graceful ‘Water dance’ that was a perfect fusion of Bharatanatyam and Kathak styles of traditional Indian dance, giving respect to Mother Ganga. Next, a interesting metaphor was put up on stage, where the stages of a woman's life were depicted as forms of morphisms of air or 'Vayu'. To represent 'Prithivi', challenging the intelligence of the audience, we had a quiz on Mother Earth, pertaining to Indian Mythology.

Following this, a speech was delivered, highlighting the scientific nature, importance and beauty of the Sanskrit language. Finally, with a song about Sanskrit in Sanskrit, the purity and greatness of the language was celebrated.

Thus, the assembly, while a successful production, also served to remind us of our rich and invaluable culture, reminding each of us of the endless reasons to be proud of our heritage.