Onam Celebrations - 2019

Onam is celebrated every year as harvest festival of Kerala. Onam, the festival of happiness, peace, prosperity and flowers was celebrated with great zeal by the students and teachers at NPS, Indiranagar.

The programme began with the fascinating story of Mahabali, which was narrated by Ms. Priya Pillai. She clarified a few misconceptions the students had about this age-old tale. Everyone was mesmerized by this interesting story. This was followed by a graceful dance, the ‘Thiruvathirakali’, performed by our teachers, who were wearing the traditional attire of Kerala.

Meanwhile in the Pre Primary block as the KG & Montessori children walked in, they were awestruck by the intricately decorated Pookalam with lighted lamps around and popular Malayalam songs being played in the background. A traditional model of a snake boat added value to the culture which is also an integral part of the celebration. The little ones added their bit by decorating small pookalams.

The students and teachers celebrated this special day in gaiety and warmth. Everything put together gave a cultural ambience to the environment and the atmosphere was of festivity and colour.