Scholastic Programme

Wealth out of Waste

The SEWA Association made a stupendous success of the fifth Wealth out of Waste (WOW) campaign from 13th June to 23rd June 2016. WOW, is a program which is initiated by the SEWA Association of the school, to nurture the healthy practice of waste collection. Paper waste gathered by the students is sold, and the proceeds are given to charity.

Conducted as an inter-house competition, this event encourages people to participate, while giving them a sense of responsibility in relation to time, organization, and planning. This year too, bundles of newspapers and books were packed and stored in record time! The house, in the end that brought the maximum quantity of waste, took home 200 points! The days between 13th June to 23rd June were packed with excitement, and anticipation, as every single house worked their level best to try and maximize their waste collection.

The massive collection of nearly 15 thousand kgs. of newspaper and used paper yielded a whopping amount which was divided equally to buy provisions and consumables for four leading NGOs in Bangalore. The NGOs are:

  1. Bangalore Oniyavara Seva Coota (BOSCO), which rescues and cares for young children living on the streets, abandoned or orphaned children, children who are victims of abuse, beggars and rag pickers.
  2. Vidyaranya Rainbow Homes, This year, which provides care for abandoned girl children, and allows them to grow up in a secure and joyful environment.
  3. Karunashraya, 3) which provides free and professional palliative care for cancer patients in the advanced stages, and allowing them to live without pain, with dignity, and in peace.
  4. Shishumandir is a home for under-privileged children, and it offers a comprehensive support for children coming from the most desperate of situations.

The tireless work that these NGOs do to help our society is invaluable, and it has been very suitably commended by the school. All in all, the event was a huge success, with good sportsmanship shown by all the members of all the houses, and the work done by the teachers in organizing the event.