No School Bag Day - Unlimited Fun

On Friday, 24 January 2020, we had the ‘No School Bag Day’ in NPS Indiranagar. It received a hearty welcome from the students of Classes 1-5 and the excitement was overwhelming. This was a good exposure to informal learning opportunities through participation in fun art and craft activities. Be it manipulation of tiny thermocol balls or doing sand art, engaging in Mandala Art or giving wings to butterflies, making turtles or painting posters to connect with real world problems and spreading awareness, it undoubtedly brought their artistic potential to life. By engaging in creative pursuits of art and craft, children got the opportunity to express themselves in a vibrant, positive, tangible and meaningful way. School day came to an end, and children were still not tired. On the contrary, display of boundless vigour and inexhaustible enthusiasm was proof enough, that the students had a memorable time.