Mathtrix 2019

The atmosphere was bursting with excitement as the students of NPS INR stationed themselves by the gates to welcome the enthusiastic participants to their triennial Mathematics fest 'Mathtrix 2019’. The school buzzed with the pleasant murmur of contestants adding finishing touches to their game plan. Soon, the schools were comfortably settled in the auditorium and the invocation began, followed by an enthralling displays of mind reading by the renowned Mentalist, Mr. Narpath Raman, the Chief Guest for the event. Students and teachers alike were left mesmerized and bedazzled by the mind tricks and performances by Mr Narpath Raman. Thus started the much anticipated proceedings of the day.

The participants headed off to the venues of the 6 events: ‘Sintax’ - the event that tested the students ability to bridge the void between math and language, ‘Ratiocinate’ - the magical event that brought puzzles of all sorts to life, ‘Step(x)’ - the event that required participants to dance to the beat of a mathematical function, ‘Enigma’ - where participants rushed to decrypt ciphers and locate the next clue before the prize slipped from their grasp, 'Bedlam’ - the ultimate trial that put to test the students’ ability to think outside the box when trapped inside one, and last but not the least, 'Tangents’ - a quiz that pushed participants to the limit of their mathematical knowledge.

Through it all, the steadfast team of entertainers amused and thrilled their audience with their 'Mathemagical’ card tricks and an interactive game of 'Pics-Elate!’ - a life-sized puzzle to decode.

It was a day filled with vigour, corollaries and competition. A few gruelling hours later, the best teams battled it out in the taxing finals, none of them giving their opponent a breather. Finally, the points were tallied in favour of National Public School, HSR, who emerged victorious, winning the overall trophy.

The day ended leaving all students and teachers with a feeling of satisfaction of having made new friends and connections.