Landmarks 2023

The Grade 5 students and teachers of National Public School, Indiranagar hosted their annual event, ‘Landmarks 2023’ on Saturday, 28 January 2023. It was a riveting musical theatre presentation about the key moments in India's struggle for independence. The drama recreated the history of the struggle for freedom, from the early years of British rule through multiple revolutionary movements led by various individuals, to the day India attained independence. The audience was kept on the edge of their seats by depictions of the tales of Mangal Pandey and Rani of Jhansi. A choir ensemble and voice actors provided support for the entire show. The musical-drama paid honour to all the leaders who paved the way for an independent nation, upholding the ideals of patriotism. The audience was ultimately spellbound by the Grade 5 students' outstanding performances and had the chance to reflect on the magnificent moments of India's freedom movement.