KG - Potting of plants in biodegradable pots

The students of KG 2 had an enjoyable day as they were given a hands on experience on ‘Potting of plants in biodegradable pots’. Ms Sangeeta M from an organisation called For green Foods gave the students an opportunity to plant the local vegetable seeds in coir pots. She first explained the process of plant growth through a PPT presentation and then showed the students a very informative video on how the bean plant grows within a duration of 25 days. She also explained to the students that one should use coir pots instead of plastic pots as it is environment friendly and plants grow faster in these pots as there is more breathing space for the plants. The students were given coco peat, a soil substitute which has good water holding capacity, a small biodegradable coir pot and a seed to sow. They were given a step by step instruction on the process of sowing and taking care of the plants. Students were very excited to take it home at the end of the day.