KG - Annual Picnic - January 2020

The annual picnic for kindergarten students of NPS was organized at Enchanting Acres on Friday, 10 January 2020. Students trooped in early to school, full of enthusiasm and filled with anticipation of a day of unlimited fun and excitement. The dress for the day was blue jeans and red T-shirt, in which the children looked relaxed and resplendent. It set the mood for the day. The gleam in their eyes spoke eloquently about how they intended to make this a day to remember. The celebratory mood began during the bus ride to the venue itself, with the students listening to and singing their favourite songs. On arrival at Enchanting Acres, they were ushered in for a sumptuous breakfast, which came as a welcome energizer for the students. Fully replenished, they plunged headlong into the activities which were planned for them. The fun activities included potting, animal feeding, pottery and leaf printing. The highlight of the trip...a tractor ride, which was an absolute novelty for them. The series of activities was followed by a delicious lunch and a surprise serving of ice-cream which lit up the eyes of the little ones. All good things, though, have to come to an end and the children finally boarded the bus for the return journey to the school. One could sense their eagerness to share their fun filled experiences with their parents. It was indeed a day well spent, and an occasion to remember for the little ones./p>