Independence Day 2019

On the pleasant morning of 15 August 2019 , the students of NPS Indiranagar celebrated the 73rd Independence Day of India with an impressive display of dance , music and art. The event started off with the Principal and Prefect hoisting the national flag and playing of the national anthem. Soon after this , the celebrations kicked off with a patriotic speech in which the students spoke about the struggles and sacrifices made by the people of our country and how much development and progress the nation has undergone in the last few decades. The speech surely ignited nationalistic feelings amongst all students. The speech was followed by a traditional Bharatnatyam dance depicting the beauty and diversity in India. The younger kids did not fail to exhibit their patriotism as well. These performances did not only entertain the audience but also educated them on the hurdles and difficulties faced by the freedom fighters to attain our independence. The latter half of the event consisted of a medley of patriotic songs presented by the school choir. The event came to a close with an enthusiastic and energetic dance performance with profound love for the nation. The entire event was woven together with apt and fluid compering.