Grade 7 - Young Entrepreneurship Program

YEP, the Young Entrepreneurship Programme is an initiative by NPS, INR to promote an understanding of business and its working in young students.

Through YEP, students learn the intricacies of business right from conceptualizing a product idea to managing finances to marketing and more. It also teaches them to work in teams and work with stakeholders.

This year, YEP went online. This provided a great platform for our young entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to parents and receive their funding. Parents as potential investors were quite the savvy VCs, asking tough but relevant questions and ensuring the viability of the businesses.

The staff, students and mentors ensured that the event ran glitch free. YEP 2020-2021 was a huge success and with the help of mentors and teachers, the student groups were able to navigate through the difficulties of starting a business.