Doctor's visit

The students of KG 2, as a part of their ongoing EVS concept of “Myself” had a presentation conducted by Dr Mohit Shetti from Manipal Hospital on the 19th July 2019. The presentation was on how to inculcate health and hygiene awareness among the students. The primary focus was on the importance of taking care of one’s health by eating nutritious food and following a regular exercise regimen. The benefits of good eating habits, and maintaining cleanliness of body and mind was emphasised. With the easy accessibility of electronic gadgets to the young children today, some important pros and cons of using such gadgets was explained in a simple manner through examples. The effect of overuse of electronic gadgets on our eyesight, and on overall physical and mental development, was clearly explained by the doctor. The talk was delivered with the help of a very powerful power point presentation, which was received by the students with total attention and eagerness. The session was a wonderful learning experience for students.