Children’s Day 2019

Children's day 2019 was as usual, a grand event at NPS INR. From experience, the students expected a feast for the eyes, and they were not disappointed, as the teachers' performances excelled in every aspect. From an inspiring speech, a beautifully choreographed and executed dance performance to soulful renditions of some popular yesteryear Bollywood hits, the teachers did all they could to make their students happy. Teachers also put up a thoughtful skit about moral values and finding God which made the learners think about the actions they perform every day. Following this was a fashion show, which showcased the clothing from different regions of India. The students constantly applauded as their favourite teachers walked the ramp, decked up completely in traditional attire. All in all, children's day 2019 was an amazing experience, which leaves a high bar for the teachers to break next year.