Child First Workshop 2019

As part of an ongoing endeavor by National Public School to create awareness on child safety aspects, a workshop was organized for the Kindergarten students on Friday, 2 August 19. The theme of the workshop was ‘Good touch, Bad touch’. It was conducted by ‘Masoom’, a group belonging to the larger organisation ‘Young Indians’. The team made innovative use of puppets to educate the students about precautions to be taken against sexual predators, and the occasions when they should be saying ‘No’ to strangers. They also emphasized on ‘’Safe secrets and unsafe secrets’’. With the skillful use of puppets, lessons were imparted to the children on how they should take care of themselves and how they should alert their parents if they are being troubled by others. The knowledge imparted by the team was assimilated very well by the children, and each one of them participated wholeheartedly in the activities.