Grade 12 A Assembly - June 2019

The students of class 12A presented their class assembly on the topic 'Expectations vs Reality’. After a brief introduction, conveying the importance of making the most of the opportunities life gives us, they put up a skit depicting the life of 2 students, one a stereotypical good student and the other a student who tried really hard but whose calling wasn't academics and their contrasting journey through school life. The academically good student achieved his goals. What came as a shock to their classmates, however, was the fact that the academically poor student also found success. He became an award winning comedian.

The lesson we learn from this is that we should not judge those who are not good at a skill. After all everyone is good at something and all we have to do is work hard at that something. Another thing we learn is that we might expect something from our lives and it is okay if our reality does not match up with that expectation.

After a beautiful song and a quiz that enthralled all grades, The assembly was concluded with an uplifting quote that encouraged the audience to give it their all and keep at it until they meet the expectations they set for themselves.