Grade 10 A Assembly - July 2019

The class assembly of 10A had been long in the making. The much awaited day dawned finally and 10 A took the centre stage.

The students of 10A wanted to portray a theme that was new, and one that the audience could relate to - that life has its share of good and bad.The students decided to show the positive side of some well-known villains in pop culture – Loki, Maleficent and Light Yagami.

The idea was woven into a series of short skits, replicating some iconic scenes of these villains from movie history. The performance began with a conversation between 2 friends – one proving to the other by way of the 3 skits that no individual is all bad or all good.

Subsequently, a quiz was conducted to excite the audience and the day’s news was read out. The students worked hard to perform a beautiful song from the movie ‘Descendants’ which brought the programme to a close.

The profound message of the class assembly, about people having different sides to them was reiterated at the end and the message that

“Life is not all black or white... it’s a million shades of grey” was conveyed.