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Batch of 1995

I remember myself as a three year old girl, clutching my mother's hand as I hesitantly stepped into the esteemed campus of NPS in 1982. Little did I realize then that this was to become my second home for the next 12 years. These were the formative years of my life during which discipline and values were instilled along with the highest quality of education - something that NPS has been recognized for over decades now.

Along with the best in class education imparted by wonderful and tireless teachers, I had the opportunity of enjoying extra-curricular literary and sports activities at the intra-school and inter-school level as well.

Before I knew it, the school years were over. With a solid foundation, thanks to the dedicated staff of a committed institution, I am able to take on various challenges, roles and assignments that life has offered.

I proudly answer "NPS" when I am asked about my school. To this day, many wonder if NPS is too "strict" and today I realize that in one's choice lies the answer.Today, when my daughter is ready to start her formal education, my first, only and best choice for my child is NPS.

Today, as I hold my daughter's hand and lead her to the gates of NPS, I am confident that she is in the best of hands.I'm looking forward, this time as a parent, to my association with the school for the next 14 years!

Ways in which National Public School Prepared me for my Future

Ravi Verma

Batch of 1994

I joined NPS Indiranagar in class 9, in 1990. We had just moved to Bangalore and were told this was the best school in Bangalore. My Father was able to get an appointment to speak with Dr. G and he was kind enough to admit me.Must have been good karma.

After coasting through class 9 and 10, things started getting interesting in Class 11 and 12. The bar was quite high and I started struggling with Maths, Chemistry and Physics right from day 1.The only enjoyable part of school was Manjula Ma'am's Computer Science class. I really enjoyed programming and that was when I decided that I would be a software engineer. But there were a few hurdles to climb before I got that far.

By the time we got through Class 11, I had firmly established myself as one of the weakest students in the class. I have conveniently forgotten my %-age in class 11 - it was probably somewhere in the 50's L I was convinced that I did not have an aptitude for Science and should probably pursue some other career. However, my teachers had other plans for me. By the time I finished class 12, I had a score of 89%! If you had told me this as I was walking out of school on the last day of Class 11, I would not have thought it possible. Here's how NPS helped me with this dramatic turn around over the next 12 months...

1. Challenge

I think the turning point was our Chemistry Teacher - Bhagya Ma'am challenging me to do better the subject I was most terrified of.

She refused to believe in my story of not having an aptitude for Science and relentlessly challenged me to do better. Since she was one of my favorite teachers, I did not want to let her down. I still remember asking her for help on the last day of school before Diwali Vacations and planning out my approach for studying during the vacations.

Lesson 1:

Every difficult journey must begin with someone I respect believing in me and challenging me to do something that I was convinced I could not do. Someone who will guide and support me in facing the inevitable obstacles.

2. Focus

There were so many subjects and chapters to improve in, the magnitude of the task was overwhelming and seemed hopeless.I had to start somewhere but couldn't figure out where.So I was paralyzed and procrastinated and did not even start.

The teachers helped me take on the challenge one small piece at a time. I still remembered that I would focus on 1 single chapter in 1 subject, eliminate all other distractions and not let go until I had mastered the chapter. Reminds me of Arjun focusing on the fish's eye in the Swayamvar and not seeing anyone or anything else. As I finished each chapter, my self confidence got stronger and the velocity with which I progressed shot up.

This is a technique I have used many, many times since. And what helps me each time is the long series of successes this approach has yielded in the past, starting with my Chemistry score in CBSE.

Lesson 2:

The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time J Pick a small piece, remove all distractions and do not rest until it is done well.

3. Acknowledgement

I think one of my proudest moments in NPS was the day when Bhagya Ma'am handed out test scores for the 1st test after Diwali vacations.

My scores had shot up dramatically and she acknowledged my hard work in front of the whole class. I was probably the happiest person on earth as I was walking up to take my paper from her J Getting acknowledged for my hard work really boosted my morale and gave me the energy to redouble my efforts. I had created a plan, implemented it and my teacher acknowledged me! It worked!

Lesson 3:

Acknowledge others for a job well done. Channelize energy from getting acknowledgement to take on bigger goals and shatter all the negative pre-conceptions about yourself.

Almost each day - there is an intimidating new mountain to climb. I rarely know if I have the speed or stamina to get to the top before time runs out. But what I remember are the techniques I used to master Organic Chemistry, Trigonometry and Physics. And even though Bhagya Ma'am is not challenging me, I challenge myself the way she would have, and refuse to believe all the reasons why I think I may not be able to get to the top.

It has been more than 14 years since I attended NPS and the lessons I learned in school still help me successfully navigate challenges in my life. And I am sure I am not the only one. Thanks you NPS!

Looking Back...

Pavithra M Vinod

Senior Consultant

Keane Inc, United States

Batch Of 2003

If only I could go back in time and rearrange the puzzles defining my life. Reminiscing about golden times makes me go nostalgic! More nostalgic!! And much more nostalgic!!!. Give me one chance and I would do anything to go back in time to my school days - the days of innocence and naivety. The times when life wasn't complex and only career defining goals were envisioned. Those giggles and cheeky laughter, that sheer enthusiasm to excel in studies and win laurels for the house in extra-curricular activities - all these were so fascinating. Those squeals n tears attached to every defining moment of school life. All this and much more just adds to making me so positively giddy.

Those times when the term relationships were getting to draw greater meanings & the path to its discovery was much fantasized about. Excitement to discover what life is like after school without the bondage of having to do homework, the desire to experience that new-found freedom, the attitude to throw an ersatz air of sophistication, and most importantly to be attached with a tag of "having grown up".

Departing from each other meant getting autographs & slam books filled and making endless promises to keep in touch forever. So many promises kept and lifetime friendships forged.

And now I wonder when do we say one is really Grown Up? And does it even matter? I realize there is nothing like the feeling of discovering long lost friends or fellow batch mates after years. The feeling one gets while visiting school several years after completing school is inexplicable. To see tiny tots on the benches that I sat on brings me memories of days that I know I can never-ever re-live.

Goes without saying how much I miss that phase of life...when life was just simply perfect. Those were truly the best days of my life!!

What NPS means to us...

Bharat Kesheorey (Batch of 1998)

Abhay Kesheorey(Batch of 2003)

Listing all that NPS means to us in a few lines is an impossible task. After all, we've spent our formative years growing up in her playgrounds, studying in her classrooms. It's in her campus that we've forged friendships for a lifetime. The letters NPS always unlock and bring forth our most golden and cherished memories and never fail to bring a smile on our faces. Amongst all the qualities NPS gave us, we appreciate most the sense of discipline it has instilled in us. That has stood in good stead in all endeavours we've undertaken after stepping out of her portals.


Arun A Ramanai

I'm working at " Flying vikings inc." Sanfransisco as a flight instructor. also doing ma BS Professional Aeronautics at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

"In my 12 years at NPS, I have been witness to unadulterated fun and learning. Wat i learnt ther wasn't just education ,it was Education for the real world.It inculcated in me the sense of discipline and responsibility which is a key factor for what I am today. Looking down memory lane, my yesteryears have built a complete person out of me. A big thanks to NPS, my Alma Mater.

NPS - at the end of the day, doesn't just mean bricks and walls to me. It's a dream come true! "


Sachin. R

NPS Indiranagar '08

It often applies in many cases, that the value of something is only realised after it has been lost. With the same in perspective, I would like to evoke a few memories of my schooling life. I joined the kindergarten in 1995, and vividly remember the first day. I was pulled to school, as much as I detested it. While all the hue and cry was on display, courtesy me, a teacher came and held me and calmed me down and said all the things I wanted to hear.

In 2008, when I graduated from school, it really gave me an extraordinary sense of belonging and distinction. Now, when I look back, the 1st class to the 10th seem like a breeze, while the 11th and the 12th were both momentous and particular to memory. Every incident in class, where a certain "faction" of the class would create ruckus and inconvenience to the teacher, are still fresh in my mind. Though they may have seemed to portray negativity, there never was any intent of malice, and eventually, all in good humour.

The fact that our batch was the first to be taken to an overnight excursion, in recent times, is something I truly hold to the heart, and according to me, shows how much the faculty trusted us and our actions.

With special reference to my batch, it can be said with ease that wherever we went, be it a fest, a dramatic event, a dance or a quiz, we emerged victorious. Then, looking at the inter-house competitions, the camaraderie which was evident among the house members as well as that of other houses, added to the amusing yet competitive nature of the specific events.

Apart form citing these, I feel that the main reason that each student of our school is distinct, talented and yet so grounded, is only because of the massive base and foundation the school provides to each student. And this is entirely the efforts of our faculty and staff. Recently, when I visited the school and met the teachers, it was a lovely feeling where each memory of my school came alive. I hope to keep that sentiment for however long it holds. In conclusion, I thank the teachers of National Public School, Indiranagar. We all owe you a lot.


NPS Indiranagar

Batch Of 1997

Arjunan is advising technology companies on effective business strategies, as a management consultant at Bain & Co. Arjunan holds a PhD. and Masters in Electrical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelors from IIT Bombay

Sukanya Krishnamurthy

Batch 1999 (10th)

I'm currently doing my Doctorate in Architecture from the Bauhaus University, Germany; on a recent trip back home I walked back into the school where I had spent 12 years of my life! The school though had changed a little in its appearance, still had the people I remember from my childhood.

The experiences of studying here, ranging from the rounds in the playground to the rigorous work schedule induces a sense of discipline that is much needed for the years to come. I might have left when I was 15, but walked away learning that excelling in any path one chooses can become a way of life. The discipline, hard work and the confidence that I have in myself in many ways are credited to a school, which I am proud to call my alma mater.

The time I had at NPS INR was definitely memorable. I can truly say, the fourteen years of my life at NPS INR were among the best. From being taught by the most dedicated teachers to interacting with some of the smartest yet humble minds, from writing that first "Hello World" code to understanding the intricacies of high dimensional calculus, from running an extra mile when you forget to cut your nails to experiencing sheer exhilaration when you top a test, from those silly crushes to everlasting friendships, I have many fond memories of NPS. This school well known for its outstanding academic and extramural laurels, has whittled my personality and made me a wholesome individual. I thank the principal, staff and all the folks in the NPS family for providing us with this memorable experience and wish them the very best for the future.

I had recently published a paper in one of the most prestigious A.I. journals viz. Elsevier Pattern Recognition journal. This paper was accepted and one of the reviewers had commended my excellent paper writing skills. This paper would eventually be read by thousands of scientists and come to think of it, it all started at NPS INR.

Damien Jose ( Batch of 1999 )

Software Development Engineer

Microsoft Corporate R & D

Redmond, U.S.A.

Namit Singh and Damien Jose

Namit Singh Was Sports Captain of 1999 batch

Presently working for Sprint Telecom in New York